للعبث ياطلائع

A group of state-run school children mess around in their classroom and think they only do play.
Bluemix studio job make the foley sounds To put the viewer in the center of the scene in 3D sound effects.


Sound effects are the factor that takes your focus from one place to another, despite the density of things in the picture, and this is our responsibility in this film.

Bab Alsharq1

Kanalımıza Yani Mavişin Dünyasına Hoş Geldiniz.
Birbirinden Eğlenceli, Komik, Çizgi Film Macera larımızı Kaçırmamak İçin Kanalımıza Abone Olmayı Unutmayın.


Emerging company for Arab and international cinema production based in Istanbul – Turkey. It was founded in 2017 by professional filmmakers and an ambitious content production team

their lives

The BB team went to the heart of Makan and filming and recorded the sound effects again to extract the required sounds and then processed them to match the scene.

Bab Alsharq

A cultural platform that provides documentaries for the Middle East working on creating high-value content that makes social networking sites useful and raising public culture.

Mavişin Dünyası

Welcome to the educational cartoon world of Mavis
In this world where friendship feelings are played with great games, we can learn good lessons and good people always win.

zaatar فيلم زعتر

short film about syria

للعبث ياطلائع – For absurdism oh vanguards

Written and directed by: Yaman Intabli
Line producer: Mohammed Al-Hindi
Production of DarMisk

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